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It does not matter how many hours you have entered in your logbook. There’s always a reason to train your skills. Standard procedures, emergency manoeuvres, muscle memory and much more.

The VRMotion flight simulator offers you the advantage to train at any time, without time or weather restrictions.

Operators and Flightschools can increase the effectiveness of their training programme for students and staff.

Student Pilots can take advantage of getting used to a helicopter before booking a lesson in a real helicopter. Independently of the availability of a helicopter, the schedule and the weather conditions, pilots can take advantage of the simulator and increase their training benefits.

High quality Simulator for you

The VRMotion flight simulator built with Swiss Engineering finally offers a helicopter simulator with a motion platform with all 6 degrees of freedom. As you would on a real helicopter, you get the feedback immediately and you have to be reactive as you would on a real mission.


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