High quality flight training solution

Our specialized team of engineers from the various sectors have developed an outstanding flight training device.
The simulator has a light structure of the platform and was designed to be as space-saving as possible.
The flight training device features all 6 degrees of freedom and has an angle of inclination of over 30 degrees.


  • High resolution virtual reality pilot view
  • Sun effects and excellent night simulation
  • High dynamic motion platform (6 DOF)
  • Most realistic simulation of the flight physics
  • safety certified high-speed control unit to leverage the full performance of the motion system


  • Efficient training
    Ensures efficient training with no restrictions on weather conditions, availability of helicopters or other factors.
  • Prevention technique
    Technics to prevent virtual reality and motion sickness
  • Cost-efficient
    Cost-efficient system design that maximizes availability and minimizes lifecycle costs.


  • Heave (disp/vel) ±175 mm, ±690 mm/s
  • Pitch (disp/vel) ±33°, ±125°/s
  • Roll (disp/vel) ±32°, ±110°/s
  • Yaw (disp/vel) ±31°, ±150°/s
  • Surge (disp/vel) ±250 mm, ±1200 mm/s
  • Sway (disp/vel) ±270 mm, ±1300 mm/s
  • Payload max. 200 Kg (150-255VAC)
  • Connection Type 10/100/1000BASE-T  / Gigabit Ethernet
  • System Weight 400 kg / 882 lbs (incl. cockpit)

Professional Helicopter Flight Simulator

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