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Robinson – R22

“Flight simulation started as a professional tool for pilot training. Over the years it has progressed and branched into both the consumer market while evolving on the professional side of the fence. Technology evolved, training evolved, and our hobby evolved. And I’ve seen the future: VRMotion.” -Sérgio Costa, Helisimmer

MS&t Magazine 3/2017

“Not only did the motion not seem nearly as exaggerated when you were part of it, the degree of engagement meant that motion sickness was a non-starter. Plus – and this is important when dealing with emotionally adolescent sub-species like military aircrew – it was a lot of fun!”

Latest Events

Flugplatz Speck – Open Day

On Sunday, July 8th, we presented the VRMotion simulators at Speck Openday. Visitors had the opportunity to get a feeling of flying a plane by themselves. The event was a great success with about 1000 visitors.

Fly-in at Grenchen

Airport Grenchen in corporation with Mountain Flyers invited for the Helicopter fly-in at Grenchen on June 23th and 24th. Lectures from Claude Vuichard, winner of the HAI Safety Award  2018, Leocopter – Air Services and others helped to have a great and informative weekend.

Aero Friedrichshafen

One of the largest exhibition in Europe for Aviation. This year we could profit from the extra Space for Flight Simulator.

Thanks to all who visited us. Looking forward to see you next year!

Ein Experiment

Martina Gassner von SRF Digital lernt fliegen – wie noch niemand vor ihr! Sie trainiert zwei Wochen lang mit unserem VR-Simulator. Dann steigt sie in ein echtes Flugzeug! Das Ziel: starten, eine Platzrunde drehen und wieder landen.
Vielen, vielen dank an das  SRF Digital Team. Das Experiment war spannend!

An Experiment

Martina Gassner of SRF Digital will learn to fly – like nobody has before! She will practice for two weeks with our VR simulator. Then she gets on a real plane! The goal: start, fly a course and land again.
Many, many thanks to the SRF Digital Team. The experiment was exciting!

Videos in German and with English subtitles.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Wird das Fliegen bald ein Kinderspiel?

Fliegen lernen leicht gemacht, dank Virtual Reality. Kann bald jedermann individuell die Welt von Oben betrachten? Und was für Stolpersteine bringt dies mit sich?

«Es gibt keinen anderen so realistischen Bewegungs-Flugsimulator mit Virtual Reality»: Guido Schuster im Interview.

Ein Interview mit Prof. Dr. Guido Schuster. Er ist Professor für Elektrotechnik an der HSR und Institutspartner am ICOM Institut für Kommunikationssysteme. Er ist Leiter des HSR VR-Bewegungssimulator-Projekts.

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